You Won’t Believe Who’s Behind This Weird Olympic Tradition

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We’re almost done with the 2016 Rio Olympics, which means we’ve already seen about 100 medals handed out.


But you might have noticed something a bit odd in some of these winning photos. They’re all biting their medals. Every winner, regardless of country or origin, is getting in on this ridiculous trend after winning their respective medals.

Of all the crazy stories coming from Rio this year (like the olympic pools turning sea green, to athletes getting robbed by police on the streets), this one might be the strangest.

Why and How did this become a ritual?

The president of the International Society of Olympic Historians has come out and said, “It’s become an obsession with the photographers. I think they look at it as an iconic shot, as something that you can probably sell.”

So apparently, the photographers are looking for unique shots of olympic athletes biting their medals. But the problem is… if all these photographers are taking pictures of the same thing, how unique could it possibly be?

Not only that, but it’s actually taking a few victims.


While most athletes are only pretending to bite their medals, some athletes actually do take a firm bite on their award. In 2010, German olympian David Moeller took a bite of his silver medal and actually LOST one of his teeth.

And all for the chance at a (not so) unique photo, that the photographer hopes to sell.

But the athletes seem to enjoy the new tradition, which is all that really matters. When they’re dedicating their bodies and their lives to the quest for gold, they can do whatever they want when they actually win it.