The Tragedy of Comedy: 5 Comedians Killed by Drug Abuse

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There’s a famous joke about comedians…


A man goes to a doctor and tells him he’s depressed. He says that life seems harsh, cruel, and hopeless. He says he feels like no one wants him around, he doesn’t like what lies ahead…

…The doctor says, “Simple, there’s a great comedian Pagliacci in town, go and see him, that should cheer you up.” The man starts crying and says, “but Doctor…. I am Pagliacci.”

It’s said that comedy is one of the hardest, most personal ways of connecting with the audience. They joke about the things we don’t even talk about in our daily lives.

Death, disease, dysfunction. It’s a comedian’s full-time job to find humor in things that are at their core, not funny. But they do it for us: the audience, their fans.

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