Meet the Crazy Fan that’s Dedicated his Life (and Skin) to Kylie Jenner

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Imagine being idolized by some teenage boy from across the country. Not just idolized either – worshipped. Imagine if this nineteen-year-old fan lived and breathed your every move, from his YouTube videos to his Instagram, packed with over 100,000 followers.


This is what Kylie Jenner has been living with for the last two years.

His name is Johnny Cyrus, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He’s seemingly normal, with one small exception; he’s obsessed with Kylie Jenner. He’s even met Kylie 3 separate times at a few of her different appearances, snapping selfies with her for his blooming Instagram.

In fact, Cyrus has gone as far as to tattoo EIGHT different shades of color that Kylie features in her “Lip Kit”.

Source: JohnnyCyrus / Instagram

“I love the colors so much I needed them on my body,” Cyrus has said.

And while this level of “passion” might seem creepy and upsetting to some, Johnny owns it and continues to broadcast his love for his celebrity idol, even wearing Kylie’s face on his shirts. In his social media posts, Johnny is clear that his obsession is purely due to admiration and he poses no real threat to Kylie.

He has said that this obsession started when Kylie was still posting over on Keek, a social media site for sharing videos. After a while, Cyrus was consumed by Kylie’s personality and her confidence. Johnny loves everything that Kylie does, from her hairstyles to lip injections, her life has become his personal hobby.

While the ordinary person can’t possibly relate to this amount of pure obsession and passion, Johnny Cyrus is still open and happy about his Kylie-Crazy view on life.