This Dog Saved the life of a Lost 14 Year Old

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Lost for nearly 2 full days, Juan Trevino was found alive and well because of the help of man’s best friend – a faithful labrador retriever that never left the side of the lost camper.


Trevino was looking for logs when he fell down a secluded ravine, separating from the rest of the summer camp. Stuck in the wilderness for 44 hours, the only solace Trevino had was Max the dog, who refused to leave the child’s side until rescuers arrived.

Juan described the comfort of the dog, saying they slept under a tree and cuddled together to stay warm throughout the cold nights. Trevino has said that Max had even led him to water so they could both hydrate as best they could.

After 44 long hours, Trevino and Max were both found and air-lifted out of the ravine to reunity Juan with his family.


All in all, Juan only suffered from exhaustion and dehydration. But considering the dangerous circumstances, this ordeal could have had a far more grim ending.

As a thank you to Max, the Trevino family wanted to adopt the faithful lab, but Max too was reunited with the family that had thought they’d lost their dog forever.

Two lost and scared individuals, one man and one man’s best friend, took care of each other and both reunited with their families no worse for the wear. It doesn’t get much more uplifting than that.